Septic Tank Maintenance Vs Septic Tank Installation

septic system installationCost is a key determining factor in determining the type of septic system that will be installed in your home or business. It’s also important to determine if there are any other costs that may be incurred during or after the septic installation process. A properly installed system will save you money on your water bill. There are pros and cons to both types of system and here is some information to help you decide.

Summary: Anaerobic Vs Anaerobic Septic Systems – Average Costs. Anaerobic septic systems typically cost between ten thousand and twenty thousand dollars, as they’re quite complex systems. The less complex anaerobic system requires a little more than the average cost. The cost can vary greatly based upon the size and complexity of your property.

Pros: Installation of a septic system is much more expensive than installing a septic tankless system (a tankless system means that the septic tank is not placed directly into a septic sewer system, but rather on the outside of your property). Installation of a traditional septic tankless system can sometimes be free, but it may come with the cost of labor. A large structure such as your home can often require the services of a contractor to complete the job, but there are smaller structures that can be completed by a homeowner.

Cons: There are several cons to both types of systems, including the fact that there will be fewer people able to afford to pay for them. Contractors are required to be licensed and bonded in order to legally perform any septic installation work. There is a limit to the number of tanks that a homeowner can install on their property. Depending on the location of the home, it may be possible to have all of the tanks located on the same property. Also, depending on the type of system, the system may need to be inspected and repaired by the contractor on a regular basis to ensure that the tank is still functioning properly.

A contractor can perform septic tank maintenance for a small fee, which is usually included in the price of the service. A professional septic tank maintenance program can be completed by the homeowner for no more than three hundred dollars per year and this is usually included in the cost of the service. Also, a professional will likely charge the same amount of labor for both tank maintenance and septic tank clean up after the project is complete.

When deciding which septic system is right for you and your family, it’s important to consider both cost and convenience as well as part of the equation. There is a great deal of cost involved in a septic tank maintenance, but there is also considerable savings to be had on your water bill.